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Item No.: OSA18-100
Welcome to choose Purplesun ST Indurstrial Ltd, we are professional  Fanuc CNC Mitsubish i CNC, MAZAK,  and FA parts provider. we also sell other industrial products. We have a large storage, enough new parts and used parts.
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1. CNC machine tools (Japanese Fanuc CNC  Mitsubish i CNC, MAZAK and  FA system) technology services.

2. sales of  Fanuc CNC, MAZAK, FANUC CNC and Mitsubish i CNC spare parts (encoder , servo driver, servo motor,power supply,NC unit,spindle drive,spindle motor,PLG,CRT,LCD,I/O unit,keyboard switch,PCB board,hand wheel, cable,battery.)

3. repair motors, servo drives, spindle drive,PCB board, power supply,monitor.

Please read the warranty and shipment information before you place the order.All of the parts in the store are current stocks,you can enjoy the purchase.

1.Our warranty does not extend to any products that are physically damaged or products that have not been used under normal operating conditions.

2.3 months for used parts warranty,1 years for new  original parts warranty.Buyer pays return shipping fee of warranty.

3. If you receive the part but it can’t work,you can return it back to us in 15days, we will pay the come-and-go shipping fee.

4. The return items must be in original same as we sent with warranty label on.

1. Shipment will be sent  via DHL or TNT . we are not responsible for undeliverable address.

2. Usually delivery time  is 2-5 days after your payment has been verified  (Sat & Sun include ).

3. You will be responsible for any customs taxes and duties.


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